Coming Fall 2019


A Better Experience

Getting your car washed shouldn’t be a chore, but something you enjoy getting done. That’s why we created Clean Ride Auto Spa. It’s all because YOU deserve a perfect looking car, a good cup of coffee, and an overall great experience.


More Convenient

Located on the south side of Sioux Falls at 85th and Minnesota, Clean Ride will provide all of your vehicle detailing needs. In addition to having a drive-thru car wash, there will be a full detail shop, a pet wash station, self-serve vacuums, and an interior coffee shop.

Because good
coffee matters.


We have partnered up with Coffea coffee to put in a full coffee shop. Grab your daily dose of caffeine or tea while you wait for your car to be done.

Win a 6 month membership!

We will be giving away a 6 month membership to someone every month who subscribes to our email list! Don’t miss out!

Onsite Services


Drive-Through Car Wash

Everyday convenience. Touch-less wash. Clean car in minutes.


Full Detailing Services

Our on site detailers can get the interior and exterior looking like new.



Car getting detailed? Just need a good cup of coffee? Coffea coffee will be available!


Self-Serve Vacuums

Those Cheerios the kids dropped aren’t going to just disappear. Convenient vacuums are available.


Dog Wash Stations

Bring your dogs! Self-serve station to get your pets all cleaned off. No more mess in your bathroom.


Great Customer Service

Our team is here to make life easier for you. No more thinking about getting the car cleaned. Let us just take care of it.

Send Us a Message

We could not be more excited to be bringing this to the Southern Sioux Falls area. If you have any questions we would love to get those answered for you.

Thank you!

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